Fashion Magic

Coeds_with_Hoes_(3332955265)Today’s trivial pursuit: how do you wear your shirts over jeans?


In my family pre-Thanksgiving shopping expedition, I found a bargain on a fabulous soft cardigan I thought I could wear around the house with jeans. Once I wore it at home, though, I realized I wear all my shirts outside my jeans, and this sweater is too short to cover the shirts. I’d have to tuck in my tops, which looks a bit odd jeans_(196025365)since I can only wear low slung jeans. So, do you tuck? Wear really long cardigans? What’s the solution? (and go naked isn’t the answer!)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Historical Romance - Christmas Promotion #1

To show our gratitude to our fabulous readers this holiday season, I’ve teamed up with over 50 fantastic romance authors, including Claudia Dane, Grace Burrowes, Jennifer Ashley, and Jo Beverley to give away more than 35 historical holiday romances, and a $100 gift card to one lucky winner!

I’m entering five copies of Christmas Enchantment as well as several other anthologies.

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Tasmanian Devils

koalaI just spent the last few weeks in Australia—another check off my bucket list! We met our son there and spent a big part of our time touring Tasmania. We visited a wildlife sanctuary where we could feed kangaroos and visit with koalas and gorgeous cockatoos (one was a hundred years old!). To our dismay, as we continued our journey, we learned many of the animals—including the kangaroos and kangarootasmanian devilTasmanian Devils—in the sanctuary are basically roadkill in the countryside.

But we also visited with Anne Gracie  (Hi, Anne!), traveled anneandmepart of the Great Ocean Road on the mainland, and saw koalas hanging from the trees in the wild.

If you could, what country would you visit?


To show our gratitude to our fabulous readers this holiday season, we’ve teamed up with over 50 fantastic romance authors, including Claudia Dane, Grace Burrowes, and Jennifer Ashley to give away more than 35 historical holiday romances, and a $100 gift card to one lucky winner.

Enter the contest by clicking here:


Magic Series Naming Contest!

Help, I’m having trouble naming the three books in my new historical romance Magic series! 

Submit your best ideas below and I’ll reward whoever submits my favorite with a $10 Amazon gift card and the best five with a free digital ARC of the first book in the series. 

Hint: the first book is about an astronomer and an astrologist, the second about a couple with “compelling” voices, and the third has a blind marquess and an empath.

Previous titles include: Must Be Magic, This Magic Moment, and Merely Magic – among others.

I can’t promise I’ll use the titles, but I appreciate the support! (and those of you who have made prior suggestions–I’ve kept track of all of them!)

Magic Time

calendarMaybe the reason I add magic/odd/psychic elements to my book is because in my search for escapism, I’m hoping to warp time–must try that some day! But in writing historical romance, time is still relevant, unfortunately. I have just written myself into a nasty corner on this Magical Malcolm trilogy I’m drafting. The final book ends on a particular day in history and even my powerful characters can’t take back time. Which means I must go back through the whole book and figure out what they’re doing on which day of the week. Really, when will I learn organization?

Fall at the Beach

palmWhile everyone else is raking lovely autumn leaves, here at the beach we’re dodging palm fronds. Don’t let those dainty frills against blue skies fool you. They’re attached to the tree with wood as solid as any pine branch. And the trees don’t just drop the pretty fronds–they drop the entire branch. On roofs, heads, anything that happens by at the wrong time. The ones at the beach will wash away, but the ones all the driveway have to be cut up with saws and hauled off. The Santa Ana winds are blowing off the desert this weekend, so they’re crashing everywhere. Along with the full moon tide, we’re ready for Halloween!

Halloween Giveaway – Enter to win a Kindle!

Halloween Giveaway 2015It’s time for a giveaway!

With Halloween just a few days away, I’ve teamed up with some fantastic romance authors – Melanie James, Tonya Kappes, Mindy Klasky, Kelly McClymer, and Jen Stevenson – to give away some great prizes, including a new Kindle Fire to one lucky winner!

I’m also giving away 5 eBook copies of Mystic Guardian, the second book in my Mystic Isles historical-paranormal series.

And there are many more prizes available!


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Kobo 50% off 4 day sale

Rice_FormidableLordQuentin_276x414For those of you who shop Kobo (or want to learn), they’re having a massive 50% off on indie-pub books! It’s only good until the end of October, but it’s international. Use these codes:

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Romance Novel Covers

Rebel DreamsI’m in the nail-biting process of deciding on the “look” for the next Malcolm/Ives historical romance series. Do I want naked lady backs? Not particularly, but I do like balogh_Mary Balogh’s lady/landscape covers. But I’m writing as much about the Ives men as the Malcolm ladies (and by 1830, they’re pretty intermixed, magic wise). So a hot guy on the cover, maybe? But how does one differentiate between one 1830 fashion model and another? Wouldn’t they all look alike? What do you think?

Prince Charming

Prince Charming by Elliott James—urban fantasy

I can’t remember who told me about this book, but thank you! It’s fantasy on a level with Patricia Briggs. The characterization is amazing. The hero is an outcast from an ancient group of Knights Templar who are under a geas to protect the veil between charming-coverhumans and the supernatural. Because the hero’s mother was bitten by a werewolf, he has unnatural tendencies and is despised and hunted by his father’s knights. His conflicts are manifold but his sarcasm is hilarious. Like Briggs, this is not a bloodfest nor erotica, but a strong contemporary fantasy with a fascinating stage of characters on a vampire hunt. The action scenes are beautifully choreographed and hard to skim, even though I usually skim violence the same way I do sex scenes. If you can handle another vampire hunter, check this one out.

How often do you skip the sex and violence scenes in genre fiction?