For those who don’t receive my newsletter—I broke my wrist falling off a bike a couple of weeks ago. So I’m essentially typing this one hand. But I’m excited about the release of CHEMISTRY OF MAGIC and wanted everyone to know the book is on pre-order everywhere and releases 4/25/2017. The advance reviews have been fantastic. There’s just something about a dying hero. . . <G>

You can read an excerpt while you’re here

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And for this week only, MAGIC IN THE STARS is on sale for 99c—through Friday 4/28/2017. If you haven’t had a taste of MAGIC yet, try a sample!



  1. Hello Ms. Rice. I have so enjoyed reading your blog. I recently discovered you have been writing more stories of Malcolm and Ives, and am anxious to get my hands on them (I love that new book smell, don’t you?)! Your original six are one of my all time favorite book series, and you are one of my most loved authors. The stories are so rich, lively, detailed, funny, heatwarming, strongly plotted… I had great difficulty finding anything worth reading after I finished all six the first time, so I read them again! Lol. You are a tough act to follow! My dream is to write a full length romance and have it accepted for publication, but I have trouble when I try to work toward that dream. I think this is because of being isolated from other writers. I live in a small town in Oklahoma. I know I can track down writer groups in larger towns nearby and critique circles online, but despite being in my forties with an English lit degree, so far I have not managed to do so. I appreciated your blog about facing down your fears! I am withering in isolation, yet fearful of reaching out. Your blogs are unusual because they do more than just promote your current titles. They share glimpses of your thoughts and challenges as an author; to me that stuff is gold! I hope your wrist is much better. Thank you for all your wonderful stories, and for all those yet to come! Your work brightens so many lives that you never even hear about. Respectfully, Jenny V.

    • Jenny, I sincerely hope you see this response. I started writing in the early 80s, before internet, while living outside a small town in far Western KY, completely isolated from friends, family, and anything resembling a bookstore. This was way before internet and I had to track down KY writers and write snail mail and gather them together in one place. It’s extremely hard for an introvert to reach out, understood, but we can do it if we want something bad enough. The internet is chock full of helpful sites. Writers are some of the most generous, wonderful people I know, which is why I worked with RWA for so long, hoping to help other writers along the path I was following. RWA has online groups. They will help you find other blogs and resources. My best friends today were beginning writers at the same time I was. We “grew up” together. And I was in my thirties when I started. Age has no meaning.
      The publishing world has changed dramatically since my early days. Write. Write every day until you’re confident you have stories to tell and want to share. As you write, reach out, if only once a day. If you’re on Facebook, look for authors you know. We start to recognize people who respond to our comments. Some of us talk about writing resources we’ve found. (I’m a chatterbox and don’t do that much, but others do) Little by little you’ll see the internet is a web of people who can help you.
      And thank you so much for your kind words! There are days I believe I write abysmal trash. I’m a CPA, not an English lit major, and my stories are more of the heart than the head!

      • Dear Ms.Rice, I’m used to successful authors being distant and untouchable. Your reply has made my day (not to mention all the days that follow, for several months at least), and challenged my unhappy assumptions. Lately I have felt close to despair at times, but now… I don’t! (This is huge, for me.) Thank you for your advice and your encouragement. <3

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