Fashion Magic

Coeds_with_Hoes_(3332955265)Today’s trivial pursuit: how do you wear your shirts over jeans?


In my family pre-Thanksgiving shopping expedition, I found a bargain on a fabulous soft cardigan I thought I could wear around the house with jeans. Once I wore it at home, though, I realized I wear all my shirts outside my jeans, and this sweater is too short to cover the shirts. I’d have to tuck in my tops, which looks a bit odd jeans_(196025365)since I can only wear low slung jeans. So, do you tuck? Wear really long cardigans? What’s the solution? (and go naked isn’t the answer!)

5 thoughts on “Fashion Magic

  1. I must say, you do find some interesting pictures. Do you stumble across them, or are they cached somewhere? : )

  2. It is AMAZING how alike we are! I have the same issue. I always have to look for long sweaters and jackets because I wear low slung jeans and tucking in doesn’t work! 😀

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