Garden of Dreams

As a former accountant, numbers fascinate me. As a writer, what makes readers choose a book holds an equal fascination. When the two come together, I’m truly dangerous.

Amazon brings numbers and readers together but offers no explanations. So when I see the numbers on one of my books fall waaaaay below that of the others, I scratch my head. Garden of Dreams was a Rita finalist. It has great reviews, high reader ratings, a cover similar to several other of my contemporaries, and I thought it had a decent blurb. But no one is finding that poor book!

So I’ve lowered the price to $2.99 in hopes more people might find it. Here’s the link that takes you to all the available sites:

If you’d just go in and take a look at the blurb and tell me if it sucks, I’d appreciate it! I can fix the blurb easily enough. If the cover doesn’t work, let me know that, too, although that might take longer to fix. I need a photo shop program that takes images from my brain!

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