Magic Time

calendarMaybe the reason I add magic/odd/psychic elements to my book is because in my search for escapism, I’m hoping to warp time–must try that some day! But in writing historical romance, time is still relevant, unfortunately. I have just written myself into a nasty corner on this Magical Malcolm trilogy I’m drafting. The final book ends on a particular day in history and even my powerful characters can’t take back time. Which means I must go back through the whole book and figure out what they’re doing on which day of the week. Really, when will I learn organization?

One thought on “Magic Time

  1. I have a lot of little notepad notes stored on my computer and still manage to mess things up. I look forward to reading your books. I had read Mystic Guardian years ago, read the excerpt on barnes and noble, but can’t find my copy of the book to finish it. Have to wait til new year to get rest of series on magic, malcoms and more.

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