Honey, They Shrank My Icons!

catcomputerI finally downloaded Win 10 on my new Lenovo laptop that came with the despised Win 8.1.  The new program is very pretty and probably quite nice once I finish riddling the computer with bullet holes. Remember my telling you how I proudly installed my Black Friday huge monitor in my sunny living room by hooking it up to my laptop? It was so lovely to see entire Excel documents and be able to read Word documents side-by-side!

Well, Win 10 shrank everything. It’s basic setting is for tablets at some ridiculous .9 setting that I couldn’t read even if I was a teenager, which I’m not. AND IT WON’T LET ME CHANGE IT!  I’ve followed the instructions. They’ve made it impossible to increase all the elements at once. I have to patiently go through and check them off, then wait five minutes for them to reset, only to have the whole thing shrink up again later. My e-mail looks like ant tracks.

Even my IT husband gave up. Anyone have a gun? Or maybe I should just let the cat fix it. Am I the only one who jinxes computers this way?