Twisted Genius!

Those of you who received my newsletter (Love every one of you—smooch!) have already received notice that the fifth and final Family Genius mystery will be released October 3rd. I love Ana and her eccentric friends, but the series always had a plot arc that had to end just before the presidential primaries. So I have done my best to wrap up all the story threads about Magda’s past life, take Graham and Ana to HEA resolution despite their prickly personalities, and even give Nick a love interest—with children. It’s hard to tell you more without giving everything away, but expect the usual manic mayhem, and Ana having an existential crisis, or maybe just a meltdown!

The e-book is available for pre-order at all your favorite retailers (click on the image and you’ll get buy buttons and a sample). The print book is experiencing some production delays but should be ready by the release date. Go forth and give Ana the great send-off she’s worked so hard to earn!

New Family Genius Release!

Twin GeniusI love writing this series. It has all the fun things I enjoy writing about: family, money, humor, romance, adventure, and danger. Since it’s a mystery, it also has a murder or two, and the romance is in the background, which makes a refreshing break from my usual historical romances.

Above all, it’s the characters in this series who keep me endlessly fascinated. Ana, the eldest sibling who once ran away from responsibility, is now learning to deal with her large family, their fortune, and the mysterious spy inhabiting her attic. She might not actually appreciate the duty, but with the help of the rest of her family, Mallard the Butler, and Graham, spy extraordinaire, she’s managing to keep up with them! Continue reading