New Family Genius Release!

Twin GeniusI love writing this series. It has all the fun things I enjoy writing about: family, money, humor, romance, adventure, and danger. Since it’s a mystery, it also has a murder or two, and the romance is in the background, which makes a refreshing break from my usual historical romances.

Above all, it’s the characters in this series who keep me endlessly fascinated. Ana, the eldest sibling who once ran away from responsibility, is now learning to deal with her large family, their fortune, and the mysterious spy inhabiting her attic. She might not actually appreciate the duty, but with the help of the rest of her family, Mallard the Butler, and Graham, spy extraordinaire, she’s managing to keep up with them! Continue reading

Family Genius Book #3 Available on Pre-order!

Family Genius Mystery #3

Family Genius Mystery #3

For those of you following Ana and her peripatetic family of geniuses, book three will hit the shelves 9/29! I’m still working at getting the excerpt up on the website, but the pre-order links are there. And if I wasn’t too lazy to check, I suspect Amazon, et al, have excerpts up. This is Tudor’s book, the sixteen-year-old computer hacker who is supposed to be in his Brit boarding school.

For those of you as lazy as I am and not ready to head over to Amazon, here’s a brief blurb:

Anastasia Devlin is a genius at organizing her eccentric family and her online clients, but she seriously doesn’t have time for playing detective.

Then her super-geeky teenage brother Tudor claims his hacker worm has escaped and is chewing through the Internet. This, followed by the news that the executives of a major computer company have croaked from exotic fish poison, sets Ana’s danger radar pinging. Soon, Tudor is running from government agents, a trained assassin, and corporate spies.

Tudor’s worm might have led to murder, but Ana’s landlord—the infuriatingly competent Amadeus Graham—could take the fall. Before long, Ana has four bodies, dozens of suspects, and more trouble than she can count. On top of which, the Internet is on the brink of collapse.

Finally Ana gets more than a glimpse of sexy Graham, the enigmatic tycoon who holds the family’s inheritance hostage. But this time, she holds the trump card and is about to secure their future—if she lives long enough.

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