Romance Novel Covers

Rebel DreamsI’m in the nail-biting process of deciding on the “look” for the next Malcolm/Ives historical romance series. Do I want naked lady backs? Not particularly, but I do like balogh_Mary Balogh’s lady/landscape covers. But I’m writing as much about the Ives men as the Malcolm ladies (and by 1830, they’re pretty intermixed, magic wise). So a hot guy on the cover, maybe? But how does one differentiate between one 1830 fashion model and another? Wouldn’t they all look alike? What do you think?

Back List Homework

I spend my days writing new books and working on promoting them. In the evenings, I work on old  back list titles. I edit scans (I can trim 20k words from 150k wordcheyenne2 books simply by deleting excess verbiage–source of another blog!), choose images for covers, and most dreaded of all–write descriptive blurbs. I defy you to reduce a 150k book to a 300 word summary!

The description on the old covers are copyrighted and can’t be used again. The question, of course, is who would want to? Just for fun, here’s the one from a 1980’s book:

Her heart pounded as his lips closed over hers. Never before had she been kissed like this…never before had she been so willing to surrender to love’s passionate promise.

Daughter of a New Mexico cattle baron and an enchantingly lovely Mexican aristocrat, Maria Connolly had inherited her father’s courage and strength and her mother’s pride and beauty. But with both her parents dead, she found herself alone and vulnerable as her person and her property came under siege by the local landowner who wanted to possess both. That was when Cheyenne Walker rode into her life, guns glittering on his hips, offering Maria the help and strength she so desperately needed… and the passionate embraces she so hungrily desired…

Does that make you want to run out and buy the book? I can guarantee I can’t write a blurb like that!

Romance Magic–Part 2

51LBGwKh02LAs I mentioned the other day, I’m on a “magic” title search. Even though I vowed never to do magic titles again, I really needed to know how the descendants of my historical romance characters from the Georgian era fared in the age of Industrial Revolution. Silly me. The men play with steam of course, and get involved with witchy women who spin their heads around, and combat rioters and master politics by joining forces. I have so much material that I could leave out the romance and still fill the pages—except, of course, romance is the essential factor in bringing these hardheaded characters together.

So here I am, looking for magical romantic titles because everyone insists I need to keep the “magic” in the title to recognize the series. I’m so desperate I’m considering stealing titles from other books and adding “magic.” I have no dukes or duchesses but how about Four Magical Nights with the Marquess? “The Taming of the Magical Malcolm”? Garden of Magic? Magically Ravished?

And the truly insane part is that there really is no “magic” in this series. The characters have unusual “gifts” like empathy or a touch of ESP with their astrology, and yeah, they have a few Druidic rituals to make the guys crazy, but no newts die for their sins. Throw ideas at me, please! And if I actually use your idea—there are no guarantees since I invent dozens of these titles and throw most of them out—I’ll give the winner a selection of prizes to choose from. Do you want a character named after you, perhaps? A sneak peek at the new book? Just help me, please! (and I already have some seriously excellent suggestions after my earlier plea!)

Westward Ho!

We’re about to set off on our four-day, two-car
transcontinental journey. I’m still learning my fancy new i-phone, but if you’ll check with me on my “official” Patricia Rice Facebook page, I’ll try to send photos. We’ll be taking the Wichita, Tucumcari, Winslow AZ route straight out of the old rock songs, so I’m hoping to catch some good signs along the
way—provided I don’t get lost. And provided I don’t fling my new phone under a
truck or into a canyon.
I’ll check in again after I reach the other side, but as a
reminder—NOTORIOUS ATHERTON makes his debut on B&N on July 23rd (my birthday!). Here’s the glorious Kim Killion cover, and I’ll be sending out a newsletter before the release, so if you haven’t
done so, sign up now!

English Heiress Arrives!

Wow, it took years of work and months of preparation, but Michael’s story is finally available to everyone. It’s being introduced today at Book View Cafe, a co-op entirely of authors. If you’re used to manually downloading your e-books, please take a look there and support your local author.

Links to other sources can be found at Backlist ebooks. Or you can just go directly to your usual romance drug supplier.

I’ll be blogging hither and yon. I’m at Romcon today, July 10th. I’ll be visiting with one of my RWA chapter members, Jennifer Jakes, and Romance Crush Junkies tomorrow.

I’ll be visiting the Bookworms on July 12th  and the Bookwenches on July 13th.

And of course, as usual, you can find an excerpt on my website.
Sometime soon, I hope to actually get back to writing another book!

Nook First

ENGLISH HEIRESS, a Regency historical original– Michael’s book, at last, sequel to The Marquess and one of my most requested stories–will be issued as a Sneak Peak in B&N’s Nook First program on June 11. 

Since I have to do my own promotion in this brave new digital world, I’m letting B&N handle this one just to see what happens. That’s pretty much been my motto since I released my first e-book. It’s kind of like writing a novel–what happens if we do this?

The official release will be July 12 at Book View Cafe when it should also be available at Amazon. I’ve still not developed a good way of getting books into Apple and Kobo if I issue them through BVC, but that’s on my To Do list. And if sales justify the expense, I’ll attempt a print version. I just don’t have the time or patience to do that myself, so I have to pay someone to do it. And because print is pricey, I’m not convinced readers will be willing to pay for it. The To Do list grows!

And thank you everyone who bought THE MARQUESS in the first week it was issued! That was really exciting watching the numbers jump after my newsletter went out. Bless each and every one of you, it was like a birthday present every day. THE MARQUESS should be available at Amazon, B&N, and Book View Cafe.

Must Be Magic

Just received my author copies today! I adore the new covers. If you didn’t have a chance to buy the original version, now’s your chance to grab this stunning new edition. It’s also available electronically, but it’s so lovely to see these books in print again.

I know I’ve been silent quite a bit, but I’m really covered up in projects. I fell behind with the stupid broken wrist, and it’s all catching up with me. But the reissued MARQUESS will be out next month, followed by the brand new sequel THE ENGLISH HEIRESS in July. I’m working on the galleys for the urban fantasy written under my secret alter ego (you’ll have to guess who I am for a while). And writing the next Rebellious Son–the NOTORIOUS ATHERTON–when I’m not up to my ears in publishing more backlist. Oh, and then there’s Conan’s book… 

So I hope everyone is enjoying this utterly gorgeous spring and will continue to follow me on my wayward publishing journey.

Christmas Present has just released four of my Christmas novellas in e-book format. These were previously published in anthologies with other Signet Regency authors and have never been compiled in one book before. Even if you’re not interested in Christmas stories, you should take a look at this website if you’re interested in Regency stories. They have a wonderful collection of books that would make terrific gifts for people with e-readers of any type.

My new Facebook page is almost ready, knock wood. We’ll see what happens next in my exciting attempt to single-handedly dismantle the internet!

How many of you have e-readers or are hoping to get one for Christmas? I swear, if I can manage to use one, anyone can!