Holiday Cheer

patriciarice_incomparablelordmeath_800I thought you might enjoy a quick holiday read to get you into the spirit. Heaven only knows, I’m ready for a warm and fuzzy escape from the newspapers. So I found a way to tell Lady Bell’s backstory (from Rebellious Sons) through the eyes of star-crossed lovers. INCOMPARABLE LORD MEATH’s novella will be out November 1! Let me know if you want more novella sized stories. Not all tales work in a longer length, and I’d enjoy hunting for more short ones.

Romance Magic–Part 1

PatriciaRice_TroubleWithAirandMagic_200pxRomance Magic or Magical Romance? I’m on a hunt for titles again and I think I’ve run out of romantic magic names and my head has turned into a giant crossword puzzle.
I’ve already used Merely Magic, Must Be Magic, The Trouble with Magic, Much Ado About Magic, Magic Man, Lure of Song and Magic, Trouble with Air and Magic, and Risk of Love and Magic. I had everyone from my editor to my postman helping me, and it still took forever to come up with distinct titles not used by half the magic books on Amazon. I vowed never to traipse that territory again.
Yet here I am, writing another magic series–which isn’t really about magic anymore than the earlier ones are. Save me!

Back again later this week with more title woes. Start thinking up magic titles for me, please!

The Neuroscience of Reading

brainHere’s a fascinating article on how the brain reacts when reading (This is your brain on books!)

Boiled down–your brain neurons react when you read a phrase like “a  velvet voice” or a “leathery hand.”  It’s less likely to react if you read “a pleasant voice” or “a strong hand.” Admittedly, I find that fascinating and can almost understand it. But as a writer, I have to ask–does this improve your reading experience? Or is it a distraction from the story-telling? Why don’t scientists ask the real questions?

And then we get to the part where the article says “individuals who frequently read fiction seem to be better able to understand other people, empathize with them and see the world from their perspective” and I’m all up in their face, waving my hand. Love this idea! Just imagine what reading brings to real life romance! Should we make men read romance? Make bad cops read Dostoevsky?

Fire away! What would you ask the scientists? And from your own experiences, what do you think of these observations?


New Releases

 Just stopping by to say I’m blogging at today and giving away a free copy of THE WICKED WYCKERLY. The book should be on the shelves next week.  I”d be happy to know of any sightings before then! 

And the final book of the Magic series, MAGIC MAN, is coming out in e-book format at on Friday!