Fashion Magic

Coeds_with_Hoes_(3332955265)Today’s trivial pursuit: how do you wear your shirts over jeans?


In my family pre-Thanksgiving shopping expedition, I found a bargain on a fabulous soft cardigan I thought I could wear around the house with jeans. Once I wore it at home, though, I realized I wear all my shirts outside my jeans, and this sweater is too short to cover the shirts. I’d have to tuck in my tops, which looks a bit odd jeans_(196025365)since I can only wear low slung jeans. So, do you tuck? Wear really long cardigans? What’s the solution? (and go naked isn’t the answer!)

Happy Holidays!

Hope everyone is enjoying gift wrapping, carol singing, and yummy cookies and that you all are enjoying health, happiness, and family over the holiday season.

I’ve really not meant to neglect my poor blog but I’ve been writing a dozen blogs for other people for my January release of LURE OF SONG AND MAGIC, while fighting Facebook in my effort to regain some control over it. The blogs are written. Facebook is still MIA. 

But we’ve been enjoying Christmas parades and hot chocolate and cookies and online shopping for the distant kiddies. I’m rather enjoying this business of staying out of the malls and having someone else box up and ship all these gifts!

So here’s hoping the elves leave you everything you’ve wished for and that the new year finds you healthier and wiser!