If it’s warm you want from these Hawaiian pics, let’s try the volcano today! It’s a good thing I didn’t see this before I wrote my Mystic series or I’d have serious problems imagining my much more picturesque version.

We spent hours listening to the scientific explanations of these holes and crevasses, but I’m not about to attempt them here. Just remember what I said in an earlier post about the vegetation here needing to be really tough to grow in volcanic soil. This is the still active volcano on the south end of the Big Island. Night time helicopter rides will show the fiery lava moving into the ocean, and even during daytime, the steam and gases rising through the cracked lava crusts show the direction of the flow.
It was a bit of work getting down in this hole but that’s me hidden in the shadows!

2 thoughts on “Volcano

  1. Wow, great pics, Pat. I wonder what that red stain is around the opening? And there are ferns growing there! Well, as you said, it takes a tough plant to grow in volcanic soil.

    If lava pours down into the ocean on a daily basis, the island must be “growing”! Instant real estate!

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