Wedding Novellas

I’ve been playing! After writing the three Crystal Magic romantic mysteries, I needed just a little more romance for the couples, so I gave each of them a romantic novella. The Wedding Gift, Samantha and Walker’s story, is up for pre-order now. The Wedding Question, Teddy and Kurt’s story, will be up soon. And The Wedding Surprise, about Keegan and Mariah, is with an editor and should be out by November. Please let me know if you enjoy the follow-up novellas!

4 thoughts on “Wedding Novellas”

  1. Hey!
    I had a question about one of your series but I didn’t know how to contact you so I’m posting here.
    Is there a book planned with Acton Penrose’s story? He is mentioned in most of the Rebellious Sons series books but I couldn’t find anything about his story.

    • This is a most excellent place to ask! Sadly, Acton never got his own story. I probably should go back some day and take a look at him, but it’s hard to get back into a series once it’s wrapped up!


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