Artful Deceptions

Artful Deceptions

Is Lord Galen Locke's interest only in the painting. . . in Arianne. . . or both?

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About the Book

Eldest daughter of an eccentric art collector, Arianne Richards has become the caretaker of the family’s empty coffers and her irrepressible siblings. Discovering a hidden painting, she is determined to sell it to obtain the funds to send her ill mother into the country. But why does her aristocratic cousin’s suitor, the handsome and wealthy Lord Galen Locke, show so much interest in her humble person? And why does he so badly want the mysterious painting?

One question teased Arianne’s mind. The other troubled her heart. And both offered answers as startling as ghost from the past and the secrets of love.

Series: Regency Love & Laughter, Book 3
Genre: Regency
Tag: Book 3
Publisher: Book View Cafe
ISBN: 9781611386998
eBook Price: 4.99
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