Will there be more Malcolm and Ives?

Depends on whether you want them named Malcolm and Ives! The descendants of my original Georgian Magic series have married and produced lots of progeny and branched out into different countries.

The contemporary romance California Malcolmseries addresses the three Oz brothers who have odd gifts of their own and meet women who claim Malcolm descendancy. The Unexpected Magic series depicts the direct descendants in 1830s England. And currently, I’m working on the Crystal Magicseries, more contemporary romance, with people who discover their magical ancestors as the series goes on.

What is the order the historical magic books should be read in?

The books stand alone and can be read in any order, but their order of publication is as follows:
Merely Magic–Drogo and Ninian
Must be Magic–Dunstan and Leila
The Trouble with Magic–Ewen and Felicity.
This Magic Moment — Christina and Harry
Much Ado About Magic — Lucinda and Sir Trevelyan
Magic Man — Aidan and Mora

Why are the two families (Malcolm and Ives) so at odds?

Legend has it that whenever Ives and Malcolms come together, disaster happens. But the back story shows that the origin of the legend comes from centuries ago. An Ives who madly adored a Malcolm and married her had reason to believe she was unfaithful, and he cast her aside. The village of Wystan flooded, the Ives suffered losses, and considering the castle they had gained from the Malcolm marriage cursed, they left Wystan. Until Drogo returns in MERELY MAGIC.

Will Michael O’Toole from THE MARQUESS get his own book?

Michael’s book was written and sold immediately after The Marquess was published.  Unfortunately, the house that bought it quit publishing romance, and Michael ended up on my desk again some years later, when I’d moved on to other things.  The story is finally available through the magic of digital publishing. The English Heiress was released as an e-book in July 2012 and in print in November 2012. The sequel, The Irish Duchess, is out in November 2012. The Genuine Article, the Signet Regency that started the Regency Nobles series, and The Marquess, the first book of the trilogy, are both available in e-book format.


How do you come up with such quirky characters?

Quirky? My characters are quirky? <G> To me, they’re real people, with their own opinions and their own way of doing things. I just happen to choose people who have problems that need solving and who have certain idiosyncrasies that attract each other. So when you get fire and gunpowder together–things happen.

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