Rebel Girl

Rebel Girl
Series: Carolina Magnolia, Book 5
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Tag: Book 5
Publisher: Ivy Books
Publication Year: 2006
ISBN: 0345482603

A SMALL TOWN WITH A BIG HEARTHard-living musician Flynn “Flint” Clinton has left heartache and his wild ways behind in Nashville, returning to his sleepy hometown of Northfork, North Carolina. There he hopes to start a new life as owner of the Stardust Café, relaxing and raising his two preteen...

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About the Book

Ex-country musician Flynn Clinton retires from the road to raise his two boys in his old hometown. Only the sexy waitress who thinks she runs his new coffee shop has the means to carve what remains of his future into coffee grounds.

Former beauty queen Joella Sanderson claims her first boyfriend ruined her taste for the stage, and the last ruined her taste for lying, cheating music men. She now serves coffee in the Stardust Café, singing funny ditties and looking for ways to save her mama’s health and her sister’s marriage.

Fully believing talented Joella belongs in the music world he’s just left, Flint throws all of his powerful connections-and the heart he doesn’t dare touch again-into developing her music, until the day the town’s only industry closes. Now, irresistible Joella and immovable Flint must join together in letting music back into both of their lives to save the town and the café.

(previously titled Small Town Girl)

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