Visiting NYC!

I’m on Instagram now! If you’re there, come find me. Should I ever collect my brains again, I’ll post more regularly. Right now, I’m just posting whatever I can squeeze out of my phone. <G> In my newsletter, I had lots of lovely photos of author friends I visited while in NYC, did you receive … Read more

Happy Holidays

The Last Chance Christmas Ball
The Last Chance Christmas Ball
The Last Chance Christmas Ball

This year has positively flown by. Somehow, I managed to produce three novels and three novellas, while traveling to the UK and Scotland and taking a wonderful tour of western national parks. I like to use the end of the year as a time to celebrate what we’ve accomplished, and I think my proudest accomplishment may be working with the AARP and its sponsors to help establish an elementary school reading tutor program. There may have been bad periods, but this isn’t the moment to look back on them. Celebrating the good helps us move forward. In a few weeks, we’ll be planning what we’d like to do with the new year. Start with looking back on the old! What did you accomplish?
And for those of you who haven’t stumbled across the historical romance anthology, LAST CHANCE CHRISTMAS BALL, the ebook edition is on sale through the beginning of the year for 99c!

Sisterhood of the Traveling Writer

Earl's Bu

I’m just back from the United Kingdom, having attended the Romance Novelists conference in Yorkshire with several of the Word Wenches, followed by a research trip into Scotland with Mary Jo Putney. I love traveling, but it’s even better when you have the company of someone who understands why it’s necessary to photograph every inch … Read more