Shelter from the Storm

Shelter from the Storm
Series: Rogues & Desperadoes, Book 3
Genre: Historical Romance
Tag: Book 3
ASIN: B005J0I38W
ISBN: 0451403584

Amid the tumult of the Civil War and Reconstruction, lovely Laura Kincaid competes with her calculating, aristocratic cousin, Sallie, for the love of Cash Wycliffe, a tenant farmer's son, who has made his fortune in the West...

About the Book

Laura Kincaid has loved Cash Wycliffe since childhood, even though she knows a tenant farmer’s headstrong son is the last man on earth a well-bred Kentucky lady should acknowledge. As a ruggedly handsome gambler and shameless womanizer, he goes west to make his fortune.

When Cash returns with the gold he swore he’d win, he has eyes only for Laura’s cousin Sallie, a Southern belle as dazzlingly beautiful as she is coldly calculating.

But Laura lets her heart rule her fate… and amid the tumult of the Civil War and its aftermath, she surrenders to her desire for a man who makes no promises… armed only with a woman’s sense that love is destined to flower where passion flames…

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