Wayward Angel

Wayward Angel
Series: Rogues & Desperadoes, Book 4
Genre: Historical Romance
Tag: Book 4
ISBN: 0451407245

Fleeing to America to escape her wealthy and abusive father, a young woman is taken in and hidden by a Quaker family, but she is unable to keep her feelings for a local slaveholder's son secret when the Civil War breaks out...

About the Book

Her real name is Lady Alexandra Theodora Beaumont, the daughter of an abusive British lord. Rescued by Quakers from near drowning, little “Dora” grows up as a typical Quaker child. No one knows of her past, not even the boy Dora adores, Pace Nicholls, hellion son of a local slaveholder.

As Pace and Dora reach adulthood in war-torn Kentucky, Pace defiantly frees the family slaves, leaves his law practice, and joins the Union army. Dora is always there to nurse his wounds and aid his rebellions.

Pace has no excuse except war’s insanity for taking her in wanton self-indulgence and not giving his heart, never guessing that the tables would one day turn. The noble and beautiful Lady Alexandra who once came so willingly into his arms could be swept forever out of his reach… unless this time he offers the love he’s never known.

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