Texas Moon

Texas Moon
Series: Too Hard to Handle, Book 4
Genre: Historical Romance
Tag: Book 4
Publication Year: 2012
ISBN: 9781614172758

To the citizens of Mineral Springs, Janice Harrison looks like a dowdy schoolmarm. Then, Peter Mulloney catches a glimpse of Janice's silhouette and is surprised by hot desire...

About the Book

To the citizens of Mineral Springs, Texas, Janice Harrison is no more than a dowdy schoolmarm. But Peter Mulloney catches a glimpse of the woman she hides, a woman worth having—if he wasn’t running out of time. Without a loan to purchase the mountain of gold he’s discovered, he’ll never escape his wealthy, corrupt family.

Janice only wants what’s best for her fragile little sister Betsy—while keeping her secrets. A strong, experienced man like Mulloney, with his hungry kisses, could keep her and Betsy safe…or shatter her soul and leave her worse off than before.

Previously titled: Paper Moon


4 ½ stars – Romantic Times


“An intriguing romance filled with passion, corruption, and hidden secrets.” ~Rendezvous

“Ms. Rice uses her delicious, subtle sense of humor to reunite us with her zany cast of characters… A definite keeper.” ~Romantic Times

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