Spring Cleaning Complete!

I had no idea it would take this long to clean up all the pages and make them mobile friendly! There are still a few stray errors IT Guy and I haven’t figured out, but what’s here is dusted off and up to date.

While the website was in the cloud or wherever it goes when we shake it out, SAPPHIRE NIGHTS was released. I hope everyone had a chance to read the excerpt. In this first book, we don’t really see the Malcolm/Ives connections much, but as I dig into the town and its history and inhabitants, more and more starts surfacing. So join me for this wild ride into how the descendants of my magical families are doing in the 21st century!

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  3. I’m looking forward to seeing how they make out in the 21st century. I so enjoyed Magic in the stars and Stray Magic – yes, I believe in magic – how could I not? It’s all around me! I love your books and buy them as I am able. Regency romances are fun, testy at times, hm – sexy! What’s not to like??

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