Spring Cleaning!

Pardon our dust but we’re doing a bit of spring cleaning around ye old website. We’re dusting off old covers, replacing the badly worn ones, updating buy links, and doing a bit of reorganization. And because I live in a creative world that doesn’t organize well, it takes half a dozen people to slap my hands and put things back together again.

So if you’re looking for a sequel to some of the series titles, they’ll be back, I promise! Just be patient with me because I simply cannot see words without editing them, and some of this cover copy really needs a good scrubbing.

And for your patience, here’s a sneak peak at one of my NYT bestsellers and its brand spanking new cover. (Anyone know where that phrase “spanking new” comes from? I shouldn’t get distracted and start hunting it down!) The other covers are equally fantastic, thanks to the brilliant Kim Killion.

And when I’m done cleaning house, I’ll get back to editing the two new contemporaries about the descendants of Malcolms and Ives now living in California… I’m getting there, really, anytime soon now!

5 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning!”

  1. Re: “spanking new”… I never gave it a thought before but after reading your comment above it occurred to me that maybe it is tied to the practice of swatting (spanking) a newborn on the bottom when first born. Just sayin’….

      • Wow, thanks for that link. Of course now I can fritter away my afternoon looking up words and phrases. Yes, I checked out “fritter away” and was shocked… No, don’t YOU do it! I was hoping by giving you a reasonable meaning for “spanking new’ you’d quit procrastinating and get back to my beloved Ives an Malcolms…. I’m having withdrawal symptom… I need an Ives/Malcolm “fix” They are my very “favoritest” fictional families.

        Get back to work, woman! **crack** <– that's the sound of my cracking the whip (lovingly of course) LOL

        • LOL! Writers are creative in finding new and more amusing ways to procrastinate. I hope you don’t mind that the new books don’t actively called the characters Ives and Malcolms because after a few hundred years, names have a habit of changing. 😉


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