Holiday Cheer

patriciarice_incomparablelordmeath_800I thought you might enjoy a quick holiday read to get you into the spirit. Heaven only knows, I’m ready for a warm and fuzzy escape from the newspapers. So I found a way to tell Lady Bell’s backstory (from Rebellious Sons) through the eyes of star-crossed lovers. INCOMPARABLE LORD MEATH’s novella will be out November 1! Let me know if you want more novella sized stories. Not all tales work in a longer length, and I’d enjoy hunting for more short ones.

4 thoughts on “Holiday Cheer”

  1. I have trouble with e-books, after a while my eyes get very tired and I get a headache, so please make everything you have in ebook format eventually in hard paperback as well.

    • I’m doing my best to produce all my books, even the older ones, in e-format. The older books are already available in libraries and used bookstores in print and all my new ones should be available in print through on-line outlets!


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