New Family Genius Release!

Twin GeniusI love writing this series. It has all the fun things I enjoy writing about: family, money, humor, romance, adventure, and danger. Since it’s a mystery, it also has a murder or two, and the romance is in the background, which makes a refreshing break from my usual historical romances.

Above all, it’s the characters in this series who keep me endlessly fascinated. Ana, the eldest sibling who once ran away from responsibility, is now learning to deal with her large family, their fortune, and the mysterious spy inhabiting her attic. She might not actually appreciate the duty, but with the help of the rest of her family, Mallard the Butler, and Graham, spy extraordinaire, she’s managing to keep up with them!

And Magda, the Hungarian Princess, Ana’s mother, puts in an appearance for the holiday, although I’m saving the mystery of her past for another book. Sorry about that!evilgenius133x200-99x150

The books stand alone, but I think it’s more fun to start at the beginning with EVIL GENIUS to see how the siblings deal with the growing complications of their new lives.

Have you tried the series yet? Are you enjoying it? Is there something you’d like to see me do in the next book?

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