Mea Culpa!

The first of my excerpts for Magic in the Stars have been going out, and I’m receiving a puppy_in_a_tam-o-shanterdeluge of lovely mail pointing out that my hero doesn’t know the name of his own dog. Well, people have been a little politer than that.

What can I say? When I write, names change. It just happens. It’s part of the process, and at some point, I hope I catch all the  changes and settle on a final name. (Although the heroine of current WIP has probably gone through a hundred name changes by now!)

But my real fault was in letting the excerpt go up before it was proofed. We organize so much of this in advance that sometimes it’s impossible to remember what I did when, and this is one of those cases. I apologize.

And in case you’re wondering, his dog’s name is Hog. And that’s not him in the picture. <G>


8 thoughts on “Mea Culpa!”

  1. Not sure this is the correct place for a review of the book so I’ll just say I loved it after the first chapter. I was totally confused at first.

    • Thank you! My PR person is the one to ask about reviews but I’d say post them everywhere you can think of. đŸ˜‰ You’re not the first to say the opening was confusing. I think I’ll blame that on opening a new series where I need to introduce a lot of characters at once. I’ll try not to do it again!

  2. Yes, I completely agree. It sounds like there are always a bunch of new dogs and it is always chaos in the house. In that type of situation, you are bound to get names wrong. Ask any overwhelmed parent of multiple children and they will all admit to mixing up names at least once. I will never forget when we had two new dogs in the family, one mine and one my mom’s. Mom and her dog came for a visit to our place and I had a very commical 5 minutes trying to get one dog to stay and the other to come. They both kept responding to the same name and then I started calling them by each others names. In the end I couldn’t even remember why I was trying to split them up I was laughing so hard at the earnest looks on there faces.

  3. I’m glad that’s not supposed to be a picture of Hog because I think I recall Hog is a bloodhound, isn’t he?

  4. I love the main characters (and the secondary characters), the Ives’ ‘menagerie’ of four-legged creatures, including Hog. There’s the clue why our unconventional hero couldn’t recall his dog’s name.


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