Unexpected Magic Series Begins!

Rice_MagicintheStars800After a year in the making and months of consulting over covers and release dates, I can finally show you the cover for Magic in the Stars, Book #1 in my new Malcolm/Ives historical romance series! The pre-order links aren’t up yet, but I can give you a sneak peek at an excerpt.

The original Magical Malcolms series was set in the Georgian era around 1750. I brought the Ives family of scientific, logical men together with a group of exceptionally independent Malcolm women with “gifts” that ranged from magical healing to seeing ghosts.

When that series ended, readers kept asking for books about their descendants.  At the time, my editors weren’t interested, so I sold a contemporary romance with a trio of brothers who may have descended from my Ives family. That became the California Malcolm trilogy.

Now, I’m finally in a position to follow the descendants of my Georgian couples into 1830 because I wanted to see how the scientific Ives men and the woo-woo Malcolms navigate the Industrial Revolution.

So far, I’m playing with astrology and astronomy (Magic in the Stars), a barrister and a Jamaican heiress who instigate riots (Whisper of Magic), and a blind political marquess captivated and appalled by a woman who hears voices in her head (Theory of Magic).

As you can imagine, the stories involve a healthy dose of humor and skepticism as the couples learn to deal with the unbelievable—including an Ives with a “gift” of his own.

I’m really excited about this series and hope you will be too!

12 thoughts on “Unexpected Magic Series Begins!”

  1. It is always wonderful to find a new writer and you want to read everything that they create. I thank you.

    • It’s on pre-order right now at $2.99 except at Amazon. That one should go up this weekend, I think. The official release date, though, is 5/31, so I’m sorry, you’ll have to wait a bit! And bless you for asking!

  2. I love your “Magic” series! I’ve just re-read Trouble With Air and Magic – Conan and Dorrie’s story. I just have to say however, how much the cover art doesn’t do the book justice. Dorrie has long black very curly hair, yet on the cover her hair appears straight. Conan is supposed to be a ripped surfer, but the cover art shows him with a paunch (and very curly hair – where did that come from?). So for this new series, please don’t use Hot Damn Designs. If they don’t read the book before creating the cover, they don’t deserve the job.

    • None of the cover designers read books anymore. Publishing seems to have hit the fast lane and everyone must produce ten times what they used to in the same amount of time. So I take full responsibility for the poor cover choice. I wish for the days of cover models and cover artists!

  3. I love your “Magic” books. I have read every one of your books so far. I also enjoy reading your “Evil Genius” series. Keep up the writing!

  4. This is great news! The Magic series is one of my all time favorites, I actually re-read the series from book one not too long ago. Can’t wait!

  5. Can’t wait. I loved your first one and just had to get every one since. Love it so much I read them again every couple years. Your was the first, best and still is the only one that really talked, explored and explained our gifts (or curses) we might be blessed with. It gave me insight so I had to go understand my own and partially have. Empathy is a mixed barrel of thoughts, feelings, emotions and more. Yours, theirs and learning to control it and brushing away any not from you so they don’t stick or make you ill, crazy or ? Thank you very much. There are other things too but Empaths can learn. Wants more books too. Thanks Patricia for writing more of them.


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