Westward Ho!

Lord_RogueI finally buckled down and did it—edited and prepared LORD ROGUE and CHEYENNE’S LADY for an e-book edition. These books were nearly 150,000 words originally, written back in the day when books were books and men were men. <G> LORD ROGUE holds a place in my heart because it was written about St. Louis and the Mississippi River, an area I lived in off and on for over twenty years. The period of 1812, the year after the Great Comet, was particularly lively with the war with Britain, Indian unrest, a chieftain who could predict the future, the first steamboat down the river, and an earthquake that made the river run backward. And because I had all those lovely words to play in, I used all those incidents! The hero of this book is such a contradiction in so many ways, that I’ve loved him for years. Take a quick look at the first pages and see what you think.

To celebrate my finally finishing these books, I’ve repackaged my other Americana: my Rita nominee, DENIM AND LACE, my sagas SHELTER FROM THE STORM, MOONLIGHT MISTRESS, and WAYWARD ANGEL, plus CHEYENNE’S LADY, my one and only gunfighter story, into a six book series.

If you want to just taste the western waters first, LORD ROGUE will be 99c for this month only.

I’m not entirely certain why historical romance has abandoned our fascinating Moonlight_and_MemoriesAmerican history for England and the Regency era. We had lovely fashions, wealthy mansions, and noble heroes as often or more so than England. But for some reason, we seem to think of that era in our country as prairies and covered wagons. Take a walk on the wild side and see if you don’t develop a taste for a hero who can hold his own in any company!

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  1. Thank you so much for the head-up on this. I’m very excited to read the Lord Rogue book. I had already purchased several other books in the series, but not this one. It is very exciting to be able to read a book that you reconfigured all these years later.

    As for your question about Westerns, I don’t think it is so much that they have gone out of style. There are several authors that write about that genre exclusively (or at least have several series set there) – Kat Martin, Joan Johnston, Jodi Thomas, and Diana Palmer to name a few. Instead, it just that a lot of us have read, watched, or learned so much about the West growing up that we tend to get jaded by this theme. Whereas England and the Regency era is a little more of a mystery to us, so stories based in this location and time period hold more interest for us.


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