Travel in Times of Quarantine

We recently ventured into the wilds of Yosemite in the midst of this Covid crisis, and it was blissful. Reservations had to be made at the park to control the number of tourists, which meant the Mariposa Grove parking lot actually had space. With no shuttles running, we had to walk, but with hardly anyone about, we managed to finally see the redwoods. That night, we stayed in a cottage and provided our own room service so no strangers entered our little bubble. We ate in the lodge’s cavernous dining room where we could watch wildlife cavorting in the field because there were so few humans to interfere. We hiked to the lower falls without being surrounded by busloads of tourists.

In fact, the only hitch in our lovely trip was finding bathrooms for the six hour trip coming and going! Life is all about learning to adapt, isn’t it?

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