Whisper of Magic – Cover Reveal

Celebrate the cover reveal of Whisper of Magic, Book #2 in my Unexpected Magic series of historical romances, with a chance to win some fun prizes! Full cover below!

Whisper in the Stars – Cover Reveal Giveaway

Whisper of Magic by Patricia Rice


40 thoughts on “Whisper of Magic – Cover Reveal”

  1. Ready for #3???? please! <3 ! I absolutely adore all of your magic books and I mean that both as books about magic and the magic of your books and your writing!

  2. Wow, I don’t know where WordPress has been hiding these comments but they just appeared on my screen! Thank you for all the kind words! Finding appropriate cover images is extremely difficult these days, especially for historicals! So we have to choose striking images that might not exactly match the book but with luck, will catch your attention. I hope we’ve done that!

  3. I read the preview of Whisper Of Magic at the end of Magic In The Stars. It describes the lady as dark skin(I imagine her mother was Indian), yet this picture on the cover does not show that.

  4. This is exciting to see the cover image, the next book in the series! And what a surprise to Hero at the front of the book with beautiful mysterious female, Heroine?, in background. I like this cover image, sparks my curiosity to read your new book.

  5. I actually like this cover better than the Magic in The Stars cover. Of course it may have something to do with the gorgeous man up close and personal!

  6. Will you be doing the advance reviews of this book like you did with Magic In The Stars? I’d love to participate again..

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